[wsfii-discuss] What wifi router to use

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Sat Nov 19 07:06:58 GMT 2011


Friends , hope all is well you side !

needed some advice of which wi-fi router would be a good one to buy (in
India) -  with the following specs
- one in which the firmware can be upgraded (am thinking to the openwrt
firmware - unless there is a better firmware for a community mesh network)
- possibility to powered by solar

This wifi router would be test router , initially just for a home network
and later on this would be scaled up to more nodes.

a friend suggested the Linksys WRT54gh - retailing for Rs 2000 (in India).
But this link http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/start#linksys does not show this
specific model

so look forward to you advice

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