[open-science] Open Access licence data crowdsourcing exercise

Ross Mounce ross.mounce at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 23:16:48 GMT 2013

Dear OKFN lists,

Jevin West has kindly made available the list of 985 journals and their
publishers that he uses in his excellent OA plot here:

I would like to build on this data to assess the licence used by each one
of those 985 journals to publish their articles.
I have started the task on a collaborative, editable Google Spreadsheet

If you have some spare time, or are interested in helping out please help
us fill-in the data on spreadsheet, on the second sheet called 'Data'.

It's pretty simple to help out. Just Google the journal name given in
column A, and try and find out what licence it publishes its Open Access
articles under e.g. the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY)

Then fill-in the relevant details you find on the spreadsheet, in columns C
& D and (optionally) your name too in column F (added by)
All data filled-in on the datasheet will be public data for anyone to
use/copy/remix CC0 http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

I have already scored 531 of the journals, so there's 454 left still to
score - I need your help to get this task done!
Many hands make light work...



Ross Mounce
PhD Student & Open Knowledge Foundation Panton Fellow
Fossils, Phylogeny and Macroevolution Research Group
University of Bath, 4 South Building, Lab 1.07
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