[open-science] Fwd: [codata_international] CALL FOR NEW CODATA TASK GROUP PROPOSALS 2012-2014

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Tue Nov 1 09:41:33 GMT 2011

I wonder if it might be worth applying for this?

We applied last year (or the year before?) for something on open data
in science, but never heard anything back.

Perhaps we could do something more focused?


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 Dear Friends and Colleagues:

CODATA is very pleased to announce the Call for New CODATA Task Groups
for 2012-2014.

Through its Task Groups, CODATA executes an ambitious international
scientific agenda, addressing major data needs and policy issues
across a broad range of subjects. Information on the current Task
Groups may be found at http://www.codata.org/taskgroups/index.html

Task Groups are selected at the biennial CODATA General Assemblies.
The 28th CODATA General Assembly is scheduled to take place on 1-2
November 2012 in Taipei. The proposals received will be peer reviewed
and discussed at the CODATA Executive Committee meeting in spring
2012. A recommendation will then be made to the General Assembly,
which will vote on Task Groups. Those Task Groups that are approved
will then be eligible for modest funding support at the discretion of
the CODATA Executive Committee.

Interested applicants must complete the attached application form and
send it to the CODATA Secretariat at codata at dial.oleane.com before 31
January 2012. Please complete it as comprehensively as possible. This
completed form shall be the primary document used when evaluating your

Participation by scientists from around the world as members of the
Task Group and in Task Group activities is strongly encouraged.
Particular attention should be given to gender balance, the
participation of young scientists, and broad representation from
developing countries. Task Group activities must support CODATA’s
overall mission to strengthen international science for the benefit of
society by promoting improved scientific and technical data management
and use. Task Groups should also endeavour to support CODATA’s
strategic objectives and activities where appropriate, as articulated
in the CODATA Strategic Plan, 2006-12 (available on request). The
Strategic Plan is currently being updated for the 2013-18 period. Task
Groups may also wish to explore synergies with ICSU strategic
priorities (http://www.icsu.org/about-icsu/strategic-priorities).

I look forward to receiving your proposals.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Robert S. Chen

Secretary General, CODATA

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Jonathan Gray

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