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Dear All

See below for a delayed summary of key points from the WG meeting on May 11
2011, followed by a list of interesting events that are coming up and some
recent articles or publications featuring working group members. It you spot
articles that could be included in the next round up, please add them to the
next meeting Etherpad! http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-15Jun2011

If you’d like more detailed updates on projects or to view the full minutes,
visit the meeting Etherpad at http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-11May2011.
The next meeting will be Wednesday 15th June, 17:30 GMT. You can sign up and
add agenda items here http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-15Jun2011.

1) Panton Principle Publicity:

Graham Steel has been liaising with BioMedCentral with regard to a web
banner for the Panton Principles. Following a vote on a range of taglines, a
unanimous verdict was returned in favour of "Open data means better
science". However, a special commendation to Puneet for /because you don't
want to be caught with your pantoff/. Maybe next time...

To illustrate what the Panton Principles would like to achieve it would be
great to have some case studies on the website. Several ideas have been
suggested at previous meetings, but please add your ideas to the relevant
section of the next agenda http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-15Jun2011 and we
will have a collaborative drafting session on Monday 20th June, ~1730 UTC
(more details to follow)

Translations: Please see the current list at
http://pantonprinciples.org/translations/ - if you could add a translation
or think you know someone who could then please do get in touch!

2) SWAT4LS Workshop:

The working group will be organising a hackathon in conjunction with the
SWAT4LS conference in late Nov/early Dec
The focus will be mapping open malaria research, and an earlier session will
be planned to set the foundations for participants to build on, so watch
this space!

If anyone knows of an organisation that might sponsor an event such as this,
please drop me an email!
*3) Draft of step by step guide to data licensing for 'Managing and Sharing
Data - best practice for researchers' guide

The UK Data Archive has just published the 3rd edition of its 'Managing and
Sharing Data - best practice for researchers' guide.
It is available online at: *

We have been given the opportunity to contribute to the next edition and
give open data a more prominent place within the guide. If you would be keen
to contribute to this then please email me. All drafts will be put to the
working group for comment.

4) EC Commission Communication on scientific information in the digital age
(30 May)

Both Cameron Neylon and Diane Cabell attended this hearing.

5) Royal Society Open Science Call for Evidence

In addition to a townhall meeting in London, a formal call has been issued
for evidence for the Royal Society policy study Science as a public
enterprise: opening up scientific

More details on how to contribute are at the link above or here:

The working group will a submission so If you’re interested in helping to
formulate it then email me at jenny.molloy at okfn.org or come along to the
next Skype meeting on 15th June 1730 UTC.


8 Jun, Southbank Centre London - Royal Society Townhall Meeting on Open
More details and registration instructions:

14/15 Jun, Koblenz, Germany - altmetrics11: Tracking scholarly impact on the
social Web
See http://altmetrics.org/workshop2011/ for more information

30 Jun/1 Jul, Kalkscheune, Berlin - OKCon 2011
See the website at http://okcon.org/2011/ for more details and to register.

*ARTICLES/REPORTS* (either mentioning or written by working group members!):

6 May - BioMedCentral Research Awards Photos and Videos (Peter Murray-Rust
and others involved in judging the Open Data Award)
Blog post by winner:

11 May - Beyond Impact Workshop http://beyond-impact.org/ (organised by
Cameron Neylon)
Extensive Etherpads

11 May - Wired article on Free Science (Cameron Neylon, Peter
Murray-Rust, Michael

19 May - Nature Correspondence article on data archiving (Heather Piwowar,
Todd Vision)

22 May - Guardian Article on Open Science (Cameron Neylon, Rufus Pollock)
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