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Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
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I though this might be of interest to the list. Note in particular the link
for ideas for an upcoming G8 conference on Open Data and Agriculture at the
end of April, with a focus on Africa.
https://sites.google.com/site/g8opendataconference/preces - Deadline is
28th Feb for submissions of presentation ideas.

All the best


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Subject: [open-government] Help to internationalize the Open Food Facts
project + G-8 conference in Washington
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 Hi Everyone,

I presented the Open Food Facts project at the Open Data Day event
organized by the French local group of OKFN in Paris.
We are creating a kind of "Wikipedia" for food products: a crowdsourced
database of food products from around the world with ingredients, nutrition
facts, labels etc. published under the Open Database Licence.

We started in May 2011 and the project took off very quickly, with 300
contributors adding 5500 products. But so far we have not been very
successful at developing other languages than French (Spanish being the
exception). We have versions more or less translated in 10 languages, but
very few products. You can see the number of products for each language on

We would be very interested to find people who could help us to develop the
project and make it known in other countries.
One thing that was suggested during Open Data Day is that the OKFN's
network could be of great help to find persons interested in the project
from around the world.

We also have a very concrete short term need: the G-8 is organizing on
April 29th a conference on Open Data for Agriculture and Food Security.
There is an open call for ideas:
We will answer that call to try to present our project, but if we are
selected, we may not be able to fly from France to Washington. But we were
thinking that we may be able to find someone living close to Washington who
could present the project. And of course we would be more than happy to
return the favor and present some projects from abroad at conferences in
Paris or other conferences we go to elsewhere.

By the way we have an "open draft" of our answer to the open call:
Any comments or suggestions welcome!

At the Open Data Day event in Paris, it was also suggested that we could
start an OKFN working group related to food. Would some of you be
interested in starting and participating in such a working group?

Thank you!

Stéphane Gigandet

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