[open-development] Call on Tuesday 26th - Open Development Cambodia

John Weeks john at jweeks.net
Tue Feb 26 06:07:47 UTC 2013

Hello All,

>Sano, Cambodia is not part of OGP, but are there any discussions going on
about joining OGP? Are there initiatives on open data? Who is driving such
discussions and initiatives if they exist?

At this stage the Cambodian government endorses Open Source - in principle.
'On the ground' government departments are not communicating well with each
other, much less the public.
We are not seeing any high level Government Ministers taking up the banner
of Open Data, though we would welcome such a move.

However, government information is relatively safe to re-organize and
collate, so 'Open Development Cambodia' has a core of hard-to-source
goverment documents with a strong focus on mapping. It's also a relatively
safe way to facilitate discussion on economics and development without
courting controversy.

Open Development Cambodia has been up and running since August 2011.
ODC presented at OKFEST in late
and hopes to inform the planning for 2013.
We would be quite happy to participate in today's call. (It's at 10pm
Cambodia time, if I read my clocks correctly.)

I'd be happy just to say 'Hello' during today's call and establish initial
contact - I'm new to the meeting software you are using.
At OpenDevCam we are quite occupied with building out the site and
preparing to incorporate it as a local non-profit. We would enjoy doing
more international networking and sharing our model of how to approach a
'country centric' web site.

Best regards
John Weeks
Project Coordinator
Open Development Cambodia

012 526 840
+855 12 526 840
Skype: johnweeks
john at jweeks.net

P.S. This May we will be participating in Mekong ICT Camp. The theme there
is 'Data' and I will inquire with them about what teaching resources they
might need. (It was largely due to inspiration from Laurence Millar
(FutureGov) and Michael Bauwens (P2P Foundation) at MKICT that OpenDevCam
got off to a fast start.)
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