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Dear Tim and Claudia,


my humble assumptions:


1 - ad developing countries joining open

The countries are either so corrupt that you
require a radical and disruptive reform.

And full transparency is quite if deployed  well.

Or they require a further reason to expand their
travel budget (sorry, that happens so within
public admininstraiton in Europe, my friends there
told me so).



2 ad EU: open data generating economic growth

That job-creating assumption was deployed only in
few markets and few countries.

And even if you would open all public sources for
free, GDP will not even rise by 1 percent.

Our EU-studies from 2004 did not reveale any
effect. And even the bast two years did not
provide a major impact.


I came across more and more private companies
dedicated for re-use and refraining from doing so.


The EU tried first to create jobs by liberalising
the telecom-market. That worked well for 13 years
and now turned into the oppositive.

Their second approach was to generate jobs in the
content-industries. Also that failed. 


All these PUBLIC initiatives to generate jobs on a
long-term, sustainable basis fail.

As policy designer and innovation researcher this
costs me only a smile.

Public sector still does not grasp how markets
work and how you might improve them over decades,






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Hello Claudia,


Some quick thoughts:

I am preparing a report on open data in developing
countries and I would be happy to hear you
comments on two questions:

1) Why so many developing countries are joining
the Open Government Partnership - What are the
drivers and expected outcomes in your views?


I wrote a brief piece trying to explore the
motivations for transparency in developing
countries here:
ies/  - I'm not sure how much reads across to OGP
membership, but there might be some elements in it
that are useful. The storify FreeBalance have put
together at
http://www.freebalance.com/blog/?p=3522 may also
be useful.


2) In Europe both governments and the European
Union are often promoting Open Data as a means to
generate economic growth - what are the arguments
for open data that governments or civil society
organisations are putting forth in developing


It would be worth looking at the arguments being
put forward by Open Development Uganda if you've
not already seen these: http://www.opendev.ug/


Thanks a lot for your help! I will share the
report with this list once it is finalised!


Great :)


All the best



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