[open-development] Open Data in Developing Countries

Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 11:19:38 UTC 2013

Hello Claudia,

Some quick thoughts:

I am preparing a report on open data in developing countries and I would be
> happy to hear you comments on two questions:
> 1) Why so many developing countries are joining the Open Government
> Partnership - What are the drivers and expected outcomes in your views?

I wrote a brief piece trying to explore the motivations for transparency in
developing countries here:
- I'm not sure how much reads across to OGP membership, but there
might be
some elements in it that are useful. The storify FreeBalance have put
together at http://www.freebalance.com/blog/?p=3522 may also be useful.

> 2) In Europe both governments and the European Union are often promoting
> Open Data as a means to generate economic growth - what are the arguments
> for open data that governments or civil society organisations are putting
> forth in developing countries?

It would be worth looking at the arguments being put forward by Open
Development Uganda if you've not already seen these: http://www.opendev.ug/

> Thanks a lot for your help! I will share the report with this list once it
> is finalised!

Great :)

All the best

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