[open-development] Where next for the Open Development working group?

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Dear all,

Our participation in the OKfest was uniformly appreciated by colleagues and the Council of the International Land Coalition. It boosted interest and commitment to open development projects. In fact, we proposed open development to be a serious component of our 2013 work plan, including strengthened participation in the 2013 OKfest, which was approved during the Council meeting in December. The ILC's open development projects, the Land Portal, the Land Matrix and the Land Observatory, will also be included as a thematic focus of the Global Land Forum and Assembly of Member from April 23-27 in Antigua, Guatemala, and will include a post-conference training session on open development.

Consequently, I would like to express our desire to participate more fully in the planning and participation of this upcoming OKfest.

Kind regards,


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Hello all,

Quick version: check the doodle at http://www.doodle.com/s78zm9y3b7neeh76 and comment on the etherpad at: http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg.

Longer version below...

I was only able to stay for one day of the OKF Winter Summit - but had lots of good updates and inspiration from the various local and working groups, and updates on OKF core strategy, where there are conversations going on around whether there could be regular areas of 'campaign focus' across the whole of the network a couple of times a year, and of how working groups could also develop local branches in order to anchor their work more to particular places or organisations. We also had discussions about group structures, and whether we need to create a slightly more formal steering group and membership - with the general view being that this was only needed when funds or significant decision making on behalf of the group were involved. So, with Matthew's e-mail below this is something we might need to give some more thought to...

So: I suggest we aim for a call (via GoToMeeting) with anyone interested in being involved in plans for 2013: both things we can do on voluntary basis in our current loose-knit network form; and exploring possible ideas for a funded project proposal to IDRC. Fill in the Doodle to choose a time here: http://www.doodle.com/s78zm9y3b7neeh76

To carry on the discussion before then of what we want to focus on, I've summarised all the suggestions in the Etherpad, and some from OKF Summit, here: http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg - and pasted in below. Please do go there to comment, indicate anything you could volunteer to work on, or suggest further focus and ideas.

I've also drafted an updated description for the group based on feedback in the pad: "Connecting open knowledge and international development. Working for inclusive openness through action and advocacy."

Even if you've not been very involved in this list before you are very welcome (and encouraged) to add your thoughts to the discussion, and to join the upcoming web meeting*.

All best wishes


*If you don't have access to enough bandwidth for a web meeting, let me know and we can look into ways to dial you in to the conversation by phone etc.

>From the pad: http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg

The Open Development Working Group - Planning for 2013

The Open Knowledge Foundation acts as a host to a number of working groups (http://okfn.org/wg/). Open Development is one of them, focussing on open knowledge in International Development. Below is a proposed update to our group description, and a list of possible activities for 2013. This is open for comments until 15th Feb.

Description of the group (on the OKFN website)
Proposed update: "Connecting open knowledge and international development. Working for inclusive openness through action and advocacy."
*         Add your comments or suggested changes here...

Opportunities, ideas & actions for 2013 (summarised)
Below is a summarised list of activities that have been suggested for the group. Add your comments on the proposals below. Please include your name/twitter handle to indicate who comments are from. E.g. (@timdavies).

Online things
*         Create a space where membership of the Working Group is more visible (e.g Facebook; LinkedIn; Wiki page; OKFN Buddypress)

  *   Question: What platform?

  *   Action: Tim to set-up once decided upon / if wanted.

*         Regular blogging of interesting open development news

  *   Other OKF working groups make extensive use of their blogs. We don't much. Is there someone who would be interested in being blog editor to ensure regular news and updates are posted.

*         Hold thematic discussions on key open development topics - either in a sychronous web meeting, or asynchronous list conversations.

  *   Action: Any volunteers to coordinate this?

*         Run online peer-assists - inviting someone with an open-development challenge to put it to the group, either in a sychronous web meeting, or asynchronous list conversations.

  *   Action: Any volunteers to coordinate this?

*         Develop the conceptual debate on strands of open development through working together on articles, journal papers and presentations

  *   Action: Does anyone want to propose a first article to work on together?

*         Work on open data and advocacy around the MDGs and post-MDGs agenda

  *   Potentially drawing on other OKF working groups and local groups.

  *   Action: What would this look like? Can anyone volunteer to develop what this might look like further?

Offline things
*         Raise awareness of open development concepts  - through fringe events at European Development Day and other events. This might involve workshops, hack days, or presentations.

  *   Action: We need a volunteer to update http://lanyrd.com/guides/open-aid-data/ and/or create an additional open-development events calendar (broader than open aid data). Any takers? (You should be able to log-in and start editing straight away)

*         Organise local events and activities - such as debates on open development for NGOs

  *   Question: Is there something as a group we can do to support this? Can we support emergence of local 'open development' groups within organisations?

*         Organise open development activities around OKFest 2013 in Geneva

  *   Exact details of OKFest still tbc. but it looks like being September in Geneva at a UN Conference Centre. Very good opportunities to target UN institutions for conversations on open development.

*         Run a fellowship programme - the open science working group secured funding for  two part-time 'fellows' who spent their year with a stipend to work on open development related topics. Could we do the same? For e.g. supporting early career development pofessionals in North and South to work on specific open development advocacy and capacity building projects.

On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 7:22 PM, Matthew Smith <msmith at idrc.ca<mailto:msmith at idrc.ca>> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm excited to see what this emerging Open Development group gets up to this upcoming year. Given our interest in Open Development at the IDRC (Canada's International Development Research Centre), I'm trying to see if I might be able to drum up some funds to potentially support a group activity that would advance the field and grow the community. So, I wanted to throw this out to the group for brainstorming - how could some funds be put to productive use over the next year or so to advance open development?

There are a few constraints, of course. First, the funds would have to flow through an institution, so there would have to be someone willing to host and manage it. Second, the activity would have to have a focus on/include - and preferably be based out of - the 'global south'. Third, is the amount of funds -- we aren't talking a large amount here, but it also isn't fixed - it would of course depend upon the nature of the activity. I'm imagining that it could go as high as 25k, with which I'm sure we could accomplish a lot. Of course, if the group came up with an amazing idea, I could try to argue for more. ;-)

Perhaps when Tim comes back from the OKFN meeting of working groups - he can give us an update and then we could do a little brainstorming. There is certainly no obligation, of course, I just thought it might be a good opportunity given the group is currently pondering what to do for the upcoming year. If a good idea emerges, great. If not, perhaps next year!

I'd love any feedback.

Warm regards,

Matthew L. Smith, Ph.D.
+1 613 696 2303<tel:%2B1%20613%20696%202303>

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Subject: [open-development] Where next for the Open Development working group?

Hello all,

I'll be heading along to a meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation Working Groups next weekend (2nd/3rd Feb) to catch up with how OKF is evolving, to learn from other working groups, and to think about how the Open Development group might develop over the coming year...

So - what should we be doing as a group?  [Jump straight to the etherpad for discussion at http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg ]

Right now we are described as "Central point of reference and support for people who are interested in open knowledge in development" and over the last year we have been involved in organising OKFest streams, sharing ideas and knowledge, supporting hack events on development data, and I'm sure lots of other things I've forgotten.

We run through this mailing list, and ad-hoc smaller groups. I'm nominally mailing list moderator, but we have no formal leaderships or committee.

So - if you can spare 3 minutes, then there's an etherpad here: http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg that you can edit to add your thoughts on:

  *   How the group should work
  *   What we should focus on in 2013
  *   Partnerships to develop
  *   And how to spend the small budget OKF make available to working groups
Suggestions to the list also welcome...

All the best

07834 856 303.

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