[open-development] Where next for the Open Development working group?

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Sun Feb 3 11:37:43 UTC 2013

I was thinking along the same lines and these are both great ideas, Tony and Claudia. I am also wondering if we can think further ahead this year for OK Fest, and begin the bursary process much earlier so that folks have more time to get visas, etc.

We had also talked about how it would be nice for people from "the South" to be more present throughout the OK Festival and not only participating in the "Open Development" stream simply because they are from "the South."


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Claudia's suggestion is interesting. I have been involved in running a series of on-line
conferences across the network of 75 African tech hubs that she mentions

It would be possible to run a similar series of online conferences
around the specific open development issues prioritised by that community
in the run up to the OKFN event in Europe to enable these voices to shape the wider discussion.

It would also be possible to run a live-link of the Africa network with the OKFN Europe event
as we did in Finland.


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Hi Matt and all.
That is really good news! I am not sure who is on this list, but I think that people and organisations from Africa, LatAm and Asia should be involved in this discussion.

Off the top of my head I would think it would be really worthwhile if funding would be used for "open communities" in the "South" to be better connected among themselves and exchange ideas (the ihubs in different African countries, IT communities in WestAfrica, etc. So funding may be used for networking events e.g. in Africa - e.g. in parallel to the next OKFN event in Europe to shape discussions there.

Does that sound reasonable at all?

2013/2/2 Matthew Smith <msmith at idrc.ca<mailto:msmith at idrc.ca>>

Hi all,

I'm excited to see what this emerging Open Development group gets up to this upcoming year. Given our interest in Open Development at the IDRC (Canada's International Development Research Centre), I'm trying to see if I might be able to drum up some funds to potentially support a group activity that would advance the field and grow the community. So, I wanted to throw this out to the group for brainstorming - how could some funds be put to productive use over the next year or so to advance open development?

There are a few constraints, of course. First, the funds would have to flow through an institution, so there would have to be someone willing to host and manage it. Second, the activity would have to have a focus on/include - and preferably be based out of - the 'global south'. Third, is the amount of funds -- we aren't talking a large amount here, but it also isn't fixed - it would of course depend upon the nature of the activity. I'm imagining that it could go as high as 25k, with which I'm sure we could accomplish a lot. Of course, if the group came up with an amazing idea, I could try to argue for more. ;-)

Perhaps when Tim comes back from the OKFN meeting of working groups - he can give us an update and then we could do a little brainstorming. There is certainly no obligation, of course, I just thought it might be a good opportunity given the group is currently pondering what to do for the upcoming year. If a good idea emerges, great. If not, perhaps next year!

I'd love any feedback.

Warm regards,

Matthew L. Smith, Ph.D.

+1 613 696 2303


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Subject: [open-development] Where next for the Open Development working group?

Hello all,

I'll be heading along to a meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation Working Groups next weekend (2nd/3rd Feb) to catch up with how OKF is evolving, to learn from other working groups, and to think about how the Open Development group might develop over the coming year...

So - what should we be doing as a group?  [Jump straight to the etherpad for discussion at http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg ]

Right now we are described as "Central point of reference and support for people who are interested in open knowledge in development" and over the last year we have been involved in organising OKFest streams, sharing ideas and knowledge, supporting hack events on development data, and I'm sure lots of other things I've forgotten.

We run through this mailing list, and ad-hoc smaller groups. I'm nominally mailing list moderator, but we have no formal leaderships or committee.

So - if you can spare 3 minutes, then there's an etherpad here: http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg that you can edit to add your thoughts on:

  *   How the group should work
  *   What we should focus on in 2013
  *   Partnerships to develop
  *   And how to spend the small budget OKF make available to working groups

Suggestions to the list also welcome...

All the best


07834 856 303.

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