[open-development] Examples of Open Data that makes the world better

Pernilla Näsfors Pernilla.Nasfors at sida.se
Thu May 24 16:07:28 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

On Saturday I'm giving a talk on an unconference here in Stockholm called Geek Girl Meetup (http://geekgirlmeetup.com/). The theme for this Spring's conference is "Beautiful Data" so I've given my talk the title "Open Data for a Better World" and the description below:

How can open data be used to reduce poverty and corruption? Pernilla Näsfors, transparency and social media
manager at Sida - the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, shows different open data
sources, standards and APIs and some interesting crowdsourcing and open source projects that support global
development and democracy.

What would you show on a 20 minute talk like this, to inspire more geeky girls to get into the world of open development? Thought I won't bias you by mentioning the examples I've thought of showing so far... :)

Best regards,

Pernilla Näsfors

PS. Am really looking forward to the #OKFest! I've got a "go" from my boss now so it is likely that we at Sida could be part of funding some hackers from "South" to join the hackathon! Possibly as a price for the Open Data for Development camp in Nairobi (& Amsterdam) in June! Will get back to you more on that but in case someone is eager to hear more right away - contact me!


Pernilla Näsfors

Transparency & Social Media Manager
Communications Department
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
SE-105 25 Stockholm

Phone: + 46 8 698 40 60
Mobile: + 46 702 36 96 83
E-mail: pernilla.nasfors at sida.se<mailto:pernilla.nasfors at sida.se>
Web: www.sida.se<http://www.sida.se/> & www.openaid.se<http://www.openaid.se/>
Twitter: @sida<http://twitter.com/Sida> & @pernillan<http://twitter.com/pernillan>

[Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: www.sida.se]<http://www.sida.se/Svenska/>

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