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Orange/France Telecom is trying to figure out how the data produced by
mobile phones could be used for development purposes, in line with the UN
project Global pulse http://www.unglobalpulse.org/.

As a way to explore those potentialities, a set of mobile data from Ivory
Cost is released for searchers to experiment with them.
I presume some of the searchers on the list might be interested in
competing or in spreading the information to their colleagues.

You will find all the detailed information at : *


Valerie Peugeot
Orange Labs / Vecam

*Extract : *

Orange “*Data for Development*” - D4D - is an open data challenge,
encouraging research teams around the world to use four datasets of
anonymous call patterns of Orange's Ivory Coast subsidiary, to help address
society development questions in novel ways. The data sets are based on
anonymized Call Detail Records extracted from Orange’s customer base,
covering the months of December 2011 to April 2012.

Research teams wishing to take on the challenge and participate to the
development of Ivory Coast society will have access to the data to analyse
it and cross-compare it with other types of data to find useful
insights. The best research results will be selected by an independent D4D
committee and will be presented at the 2013 NetMob
<http://www.netmob.org>conference and later at an event in Ivory

The goal of the D4D challenge, in line with our Group’s Orange for
Development initiative, is to contribute to the socio-economic development
and well-being of populations. Knowledge of typical behaviours of mobile
telephone users can be very useful, for example to identify early signs of
epidemics, to be reactive in times of crisis, to measure the threat and
resultant impact of droughts, to optimize the usage of certain
infrastructures, etc.  The research subject can be chosen freely as long as
it relates to an objective of development and improved quality of life for

Orange encourages the participants to cross-compare D4D data with other
types of data which they have found through their own research. By way of
example and to stimulate ideas, a list of data sources from NGOs or
international organizations is available on this website, although Orange
cannot of course guarantee the quality or their relevance for all projects.

This website is available to researchers, public institutions or NGOs
involved or interested in the development of sub-Saharan Africa and Ivory
Coast in particular. A suggestion box and a newsletter are provided to
encourage contributions by proposing useful subjects or links to resources
and contacts. In particular, all those who have databases that could be
usefully employed, in conjunction with mobile phone communication data in
the framework of the D4D challenge, are cordially invited to share their
data. The suggestion space also provides a forum for researchers or Data
representation specialists who would like to exchange ideas or simply to
initiate new contacts.


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