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The land matrix underlying data is all available as open data...

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Hi Everyone,

Thought some of you might be interested in a new resource for campaigners
working on land acquisition issues. The Land Matrix, an online interactive
database on large-scale land deals is launched today 27h April 2012 at
00:01 CET during the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. The
aim of the Matrix is to promote transparency and accountability in
decisions over land and investment through open data, accessible via maps
and visualisations and via download.

see:  http://landportal.info/landmatrix

There are three different sections offered, ranging from birds eye
summaries that give insights to the content of the database, to direct
access to the data for more in-depth exploration and analysis :

Get the Idea – Empowering the audience without being overwhelmed. Summaries
that give insights to the content of the database and create easy way of
linking causes with problems.
Who are the major actors? Which are the top investing countries? what is
the scale of the problem?

Get the Picture – Interactive and detailed information to understand the
major problems and quick access to major trends.

Get the Detail - dive right into the core of the data with the ability to
sort it according to interests

The Matrix encourages researchers, governments, companies to provide more
data on land acquisitions – the innovative interface is designed for the
public to crowdsource new information and improve the database's quality
and reliability. The website is intended to provide a facility for
observing trends on land and investment on an ongoing bases.

Tactical Studios has worked with the Land Coalition partnership (CDE,
CIRAD, GIGA, GIZ and ILC) to create the public interface providing
unprecedented access to the largest public database on large-scale land
deals worldwide.

The Coalition have documented over 2300 land acquisitions over the past 15
years – and we have created an online interactive interface of all records
over 200 hectars since 2000.

The Land Matrix Public Interface is currently in Beta. Please provide any
comments on how it could be more useful to you at
LANDMATRIXFEEDBACK at LANDPORTAL.INFO. Your comments will be considered in
finalising the interface.

Thanks -


Dirk Slater
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Tactical Technology Collective
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