[open-development] open development proposal for OK Festival 2012 (deadline 20 April)

Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 23:17:29 UTC 2012

Hey Sarah,

This looks good. I've suggested a few tweaks to the session descriptions
below - but this looks good.

I think one of the things OKF are really interested in is innovative ways
of hosting sessions - so one thing we might want to say in the proposal is
that we'll try and invite a range of sessions, from presentations and
workshops, to hands on explorations of different open resources for

I know Claudia had some ideas as well about trying to link up with Finnish
NGOs and others for maybe one session of more introductory presentations on
open-development to a non OKF audience, possibly as a fringe event outside
the main programme. I don't know how far that idea is yet - but it might be
something to include in the questions to OKFest organisers (e.g. what are
the possibilities for organising these sorts of fringe sessions that would
fit alongside OKFest but be open to wider groups not registered for main
festival etc.).

All the best & thanks again for leading on this :)


2012/4/16 Johns, Sarah <Sarah.Johns at plan-international.org>

>   Hello all,
>  I volunteered to put together a proposal for an Open Development stream
> for the OK Festival in Helsinki in Sept 2012.
>  I've been making notes on what to include, and would like to share them
> with you for early comments.  The theme is 'Open Knowledge in Action' so
> we're also looking for projects that are making practical use of open
> knowledge to benefit communities in developing countries, that we can share
> at the festival.
>  First question - are the three proposed topics ok?
>  Cheers, Sarah
>  Title: *Open Development Stream*
>  *Description*
>  In the international aid/development field, there’s lots of initiatives
> happening around open  data/knowledge/research, in tandem with the Open
> Government initiative. In these days of declining resources and an
> increasingly volatile  climate, sharing data/knowledge is absolutely
> central to supporting developing countries to protect the rights of their
> citizens, and to reduce the number of people living in poverty. It is also
> key in monitoring aid donors spend, and ensuring that the money goes to
> where it’s needed most.
>  A stream (day/two days) dedicated to exploring the practical application
> of  open knowledge/data for development.
>  Three core topics
>  *Topic A: Open development and aid flow*: exploring developments in the
> International Aid Transparency Initiative, and tracking aid to developing
> countries. Exploring who really benefits, and what is needed to make aid
> data make an impact? Sharing inspirational examples of how
> communities/civil society organisations could use this information to
> monitor government budget and spending and increase the effectiveness of
> aid. Also looking at new open funding models, such as crowd sourced
> microfinance, that are emerging, and asking how do they work?
> *Linked streams: Open Government, Open Funding*
> *Topic B: Open = accessible?* What are the practical issues for citizens
> in developing countries accessing open information?  Drawing on community
> informatics research: Is Open data accessible data? What additional
> communication channels are needed to engage more rural communities in open
> government and open development - eg., what about those who are not able to
> access data due to language/connectivity? is the data that's being opened
> useful to communities for local level transparency and accountability work?
> how can grassroots communities be involved in inputting information,
> especially local tacit knowledge that is not currently available to
> confirm/contest data that's on OG portals? what about infomediaries at
> community level?
> *Linked streams: Open Democracy, Open Government*
> *Topic C: Technologies for open development *What role do ICTs and open
> technologies such as FLOSS or open hardware play in open development?
> Mobile technology, app development, mapping and digital data collection, developing
> great partnerships between development organisations, communities and tech
> agencies ie Frontline SMS. Include Presentations from attendees who
> presented at ICT4D 2012.
> *Linked streams: ?*
> Keywords
> development, open data, government, ICT for development, ICT4D, democracy.
> citizens, mobile, technology
>  Team members tbc
>  Links tbc
>  Additional information tbc
>  Contact person name tbc
> Contact person email tbc
> Contact person phone tbc
> Questions for OK Fest organisers tbc
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