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Chris Watkins chriswaterguy at appropedia.org
Fri Feb 12 13:36:33 UTC 2010

This may be of interest - via http://opendev.ning.com/

The Aid Information Challenge 2010 builds on the ground swell of support for
transparency of governments in their development activities. The goal of
this event is to provide tangible, practical demonstrations of how
development data can be used.

This informal unconference is a mix of barcamp, ignite talk and hackathon.
It is open to developers, data producers, data visualizers, the media,
representatives of partner countries as well as international development
practitioners. Registrants will receive links to data and get a chance to
present their ideas to the participants by facilitating a session.

*Register NOW - Click Here to RSVP - SPACE IS

*The Data*
We have a wide range of donor data from AidData, which builds on the
foundation of the OECD’s Creditor Reporting System. AidData has added an
additional $1.8 trillion in development assistance to the often-referenced
total of $2.3 trillion and now has information on more than 950,000
development activities financed by approximately 70 countries and
multilateral institutions from 1946 to the present day. Read more about
AidData here:


We are using IATI’s envisioned phase 1 standards as the foundation for what
information would be available.

TODO: We anticipate other donor data from DFID, Hewlett and the World Bank

Chris Watkins

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