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Chris Watkins chriswaterguy at appropedia.org
Mon Apr 12 04:10:59 UTC 2010

We've nudged some excellent blogs convert to open licenses (CC-BY-SA) at our
prompting, and are starting to convert selected blog posts to wiki pages.
(See Resources for aid and development
an index of related content - note that much more of the blog content
has gone through the basic conversion to MediaWiki, but is still waiting to
be turned into pages.)

We've also done some pinging of aid and development organizations to
open-license their content, but with less luck so far. This needs focused
work - we probably need at least an intern working on this. Perhaps this is
something we could do in partnership, so we're not just asking on behalf of
Appropedia? And perhaps someone has an intern who could commit x hours per
week to working on this, sometime this year?

Of course, an occasional 5 minute email when you see an opportunity is also
great. I keep the following links on hand so I can email anyone easily about
the issue

Some wiki pages to act as explanations - in particular *An introduction to
Creative Commons<http://www.appropedia.org/An_introduction_to_Creative_Commons>
* (with a focus on their application development and sustainability.)

Pages for more specific cases:

   - When someone decides on a noncommercial license, we can point them at
   licenses vs open
   In a couple of cases this has led to the NC clause being dropped.
   - Knowledge sharing in
   - * Marking your work as Creative
   - An issue that often comes up when dealing with authors and publishers:
   *Publishing for profit with open
simple answers, but mean a helpful introduction.)

Of course, they're all open wiki pages - feel free to edit or add new pages.

Looking forward to collaborating with you all on this.
Chris Watkins

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