[open-bibliography] ANN: British National Bibliography

William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Mon Nov 22 15:16:47 GMT 2010

Following up on the earlier announcement [1] that the British Library
[2] has made the British National Bibliography [3] available under a
public domain dedication, the JISC Open Bibliography [4] project has
worked to make this data more useable.

The data has been loaded into a Virtuoso store that is queriable
through the SPARQL Endpoint [5] and the URIs that we have assigned
each record use the ORDF [6] software to make them dereferencable,
supporting perform content auto-negotiation as well as embedding RDFa
in the HTML representation.

The data contains some 3 million individual records and some 173
million triples. Indexing the data was a very CPU intensive process
taking approximately three days. Transforming and loading the source
data took about five hours.

For more detail see http://eris.okfn.org/ww/2010/11/bl

   1. http://openbiblio.net/2010/11/17/jisc-openbibliography-british-library-data-release/
   2. http://www.bl.uk/
   3. http://www.bl.uk/bibliographic/natbib.html
   4. http://openbiblio.net/
   5. http://bnb.bibliographica.org/sparql
   6. http://ordf.org/

William Waites
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