[open-bibliography] ANN: Fresnel Support in ORDF

William Waites william.waites at okfn.org
Sun Jul 11 15:31:32 BST 2010

Just a quick note that in addition to the jQuery/JavaScript
implementation of fresnel [0] there is now a functional,
if not quite complete, implementation in Python for
server-side applications [1] [2]. See for example the vocabulary
at [3] which is rendered using it.

A couple of vocabulary suggestions for the fresnel list,

  * a predicate (we're using ordf:lens) that can exist in a
    rdfg:Graph that gives a sensible default for which fresnel
    document to use to render it. For example the vocabulary
    in [3] has,

        ordf: ordf:lens <http://ordf.org/lens/ontology>

  * the Python implementation supports the use of
    ReStructuredText in text literals. Right now it just does
    this everywhere when a literal doesn't have a datatype.
    It would be perhaps better to have a predicate to use
    for a fresnel:Format, e.g.

        foo a fresnel:Format ;
            fresnel:valueStyle fresnel:rst .


[0] http://ordf.org/src/file/tip/public/js/jquery.fresnel.js
[1] http://ordf.org/doc/ordf_vocab_fresnel.html
[2] http://ordf.org/src/file/tip/ordf/vocab/fresnel.py
[3] http://purl.org/NET/ordf/

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