[open-bibliography] More verbs. Electronic 'Items' (Yes, another FRBR thread)

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Verbs can be found at:




Quoting Benjamin O'Steen <bosteen at gmail.com>:

> Two hopefully quick points:
> After the massive FRBR thread, I came away with the notion that Work and
> Expression are redundant levels, and that by redrawing the lines between
> the layers and adding in more verbs we could better serve the aim of
> FRBR'ising the records.
> So... where are the verbs? I've been moving house etc so haven't
> followed the threads as close as I'd like, but I do think this is a
> perfect opportunity to collaborate on a list of verbs that interrelates
> the classes that remain - the new 'Work', 'Manifestation' and 'Item'
> Shall we kick off an etherpad for this? or has someone already started
> collating predicates and I am just behind the times?
> --------------------
> Electronic Items
> Item doesn't make an awful lot of sense with regards electronics or
> born-digital items. I think that we might broaden the schema a little
> here to allow something like an OAI-ORE Aggregation here instead of an
> Item. Would it be preferable to subclass it as 'DigitalItem' or to use
> it unaltered?
> This would enable us to describe whatever granularity of digital item we
> want or are able to using RDF relationships.
> Ben
> PS forgive me if I have just summarised previous conversations - I am
> catching up!
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