[open-bibliography] Minutes of the first virtual meeting

Adrian Pohl pohl at hbz-nrw.de
Wed Jul 7 11:00:04 BST 2010

Hello everybody,

I am sending you the minutes of the yesterday's first virtual meeting of the OKFN Working Gropu on Open Bibliographic Data. It went quite well with using chat and etherpad and I think the meeting was very successfull. Thanks to all participants. We worked on a number of points and would appreciate everybody on the list sharing their thoughts and suggestions.

On the etherpad (http://okfnpad.org/Qv1jMMQL1h) you'll find the minutes as well as the chatlog and additional informations on upcoming events and topics not discussed. Feel free to add and edit if I missed something. (E.G. I think not all participants are listed...)


1st virtual meeting of the OKFN Working Group for Open Bibliographic Data

Date: July, 6th 2010, 16:00 UK time (BST)


Meet on IRC (see: <http://okfn.org/contact>). If less than 8 people we'll  try Skype. Meeting results will be gathered on this etherpad.


- Adrian Pohl (moderation)
- Rufus Pollock (actual moderation ;-)
- Thomas Krichel
- Felix Ostrowski
- Peter Murray-Rust 
- Karen Coyle 
- Micah Altman
- Ed Summers
- William Waites
- John Mark Ockerbloom
- Ross Singer
- Ben O'Steen


- Tim Hubbard (but can't join until 17.00 at earliest)
- MJ Ray (software.coop, but on prior engagement for another co-op)


1. Gathering updates and news about Open Bibliographic Data / guest blog posts on OKFN blog

2. Open Data Flyer (http://wiki.okfn.org/Open%20Bibliographic%20Data%20Flyer ).

3. Open Data Charter
4.  Open bibliographic data  workshop, Berlin, 7th October 2010

5. usage of  open-bibliography   mailing list

6. Regular virtual meetings


1. Gathering updates and news about Open Bibliographic Data

We looked for a tag for open bibliography related sources to be share via different platforms (twitter, delicious etc.).

The following suggestions were made and voted for:

      * obib: -1 -1
      * openbiblio: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1  -1 (10 chars!) <-- dead sourceforge project by same name
      * openbibliodata: +0
      * openbib:  +1  <-- live software project by same name
      * obid: -1 +1 +1
      * openbibdata: +0
      * obd: -1

Obviously, openbiblio got the most votes. What does erverybody else think?

Guest blog posts on OKFN blog about projects and thoughts on open bibliographic data are always welcome. Everybody is invited to contribute.

2. Open Data Flyer

See this thread for background: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-May/000076.html 

We launched a Pad version of the flyer for ease of collaborative editing here: http://okfnpad.org/bibliography-flyer 

* Optimizing, layouting, printing and distributing it (Karen Coyle said she could try to do something more  "designed".)
* Aim: one page A4
* Designing an image/logo? Suggestions?
      * AP: I am thinking about data with wings... But how do you draw data?
      * Could reuse open data buttons merging them with something bibliographic?
         --> http://opendefinition.org/buttons/ 
* Re-translating to German. Translations to other languages?

3. Open Data Charter
Background: See the proposal on the mailing list: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-June/000209.html 

This charter should be written short and simple. It should suggest a basic set of open data principles for library data. E.g. like Panton Principles (http://pantonprinciples.org/). Could also aim to get sign on/support from key people in libraries, archives, etc.

See also: http://wiki.okfn.org/FutureOfBibliographicControl 

ACTION: put up pad/wiki page and arrange a 15/30m sprint to get a core set out. Could reuse some of flyer and already have a good basis.

4.  Open bibliographic data workshop, Berlin, 7th October 2010
    * Details at: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-July/000253.html 
      * Please participate in the Doodle poll to find out who can participate: http://doodle.com/nrnssh36zty7wc98 

5. usage of  open-bibliography  mailing list

Felix Ostrowski brought this up "hoping not to have too many discussions on frbr here :-)"
Basically, participants agreed that FRBR discussions should be limited but can't be avoided completely. William Waites reminded of the existence of openbiblio-dev for software and implementation details. openbiblio-dev list was  launched, see http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-July/000253.html for details.

6. Regular virtual meetings
     * Date, time: We agreed on sticking to the first tuesday of the month, 16:00 UK time. Is this OK with everybody else?
     * Adrian is trying to send a reminder before every meeting. (I'm on holiday during the next date & will ask Felix to do that.)
     * tools
       * The chat/etherpad combination worked quite well so we'll use this duo as long as more than eight people join the meeting.
       * There were some objections to skype because it is not open. The OKFN is seeking for alternatives, see http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-July/000251.html 

6b. Extra: Updates from the W3C incubator group on linked library data (lld-xg)

We agreed on getting updates about the work of the lld-xg at each virtual meeting. For infos about this group see http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/lld/.
Participants of this W3C group who are also in the OKFN Openbiblio group are:
* Karen Coyle
* William Waites
* Ross Singer
* Ed Summers

BTW, Jodi Schneider set up a twitter list of lld-xg participants: http://twitter.com/jschneider/lldxg-members 

7. Items not covered on which we may hold a skype call. Please add name if interested:

  1. discussing the  future of bibliographic data sharing (e.g. Z39.50, web services, MARC21, MARCXML)
      * kc; isn't this the whole banana? we need to break it down into manageable chunks
        * Agree. Do you want to suggest a breakdown :)
        kc:i'm organizing the topic list for the lld wg -- i think that will give us an outline. will share when done

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