[open-bibliography] MARC Codes for Forms of Musical Composition

Erik Hetzner e6h at e6h.org
Tue Jul 6 18:07:56 BST 2010

At Tue, 6 Jul 2010 12:27:17 -0400,
Young,Jeff (OR) wrote:
> Let me address Ross' question before attempting to argue that restraint
> to a single rdf:type is good practice.
> Here is the example in question:
> http://purl.org/NET/marccodes/muscomp/sy.rdf


Once you bring OWL into the picture, every resource has rdf:type
owl:Thing in addition to any defined rdf:type. Any rdfs:Class (C) that
is rdfs:subClassOf another class (C') implies that every instance of
type C is also of type C'. I would argue that a resource with multiple
(implied) rdf:type(s) is the rule, not the exception.

best, Erik Hetzner

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