[open-bibliography] Reminder: Wirtual Meeting

Adrian Pohl pohl at hbz-nrw.de
Tue Jul 6 10:55:42 BST 2010

I'd like to remind everybody that today the working group will have its first virtual meeting on 16:00 UK time (world time map: http://www.weltzeit.de/zeitzonenkarte.php). See this etherpad for the agenda: http://okfnpad.org/Qv1jMMQL1h 

Everybody is invited to join. As ten people have already announced their participation on the etherpad, we'll use IRC as medium of communication. The channel is #okfn on irc.oftc.net. You can connect via a standard IRC client or via the Mibbit web client by clicking http://ur1.ca/4fh and entering a nickname.


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