[open-bibliography] MARC Codes for Forms of Musical Composition

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The http://purl.org/NET/marccodes/muscomp/sy.rdf example assumes OWL


I think it would be better as OWL DL. This could be done by separating
the various types into separate identities using hash URIs. If anyone is
interested, I could amend the example to show how.

As a rule, I like using OWL DL better than OWL Full because my brain
doesn't fall out nearly as often.



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Quoting Ross Singer <ross.singer at talis.com>:

> Hi everybody,
> I just wanted to let people know I've made the MARC codes for forms of
> musical compositions (
> http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/marcmuscomp.html) available as
> http://purl.org/ontology/mo/Genres.

Thanks, Ross. I looked at the RDA terms [1] and interestingly type of  
composition isn't one of the vocabularies that was defined in RDA. I  
don't know whether that was an oversight or not -- type of composition  
is included in the RDA rules, there's just no list to accompany it. So  
this one may end up doing double duty: MARC and RDA.


> http://purl.org/NET/marccodes/muscomp/
> They follow the same naming convention as they would in the MARC 008
or 047,
> so it's easy to map (that is, no lookup needed) from your MARC data:
> http://purl.org/NET/marccodes/muscomp/sy#genre
> etc.
> The RDF is available as well:
> http://purl.org/NET/marccodes/muscomp/sy.rdf
> I'd love any feedback/suggestions/corrections/etc.
> Also, you can look around to see MARC country codes, geographic area
> and language codes.  Eventually I would like to get all of the MARC
> (not already modeled by LC) in there (
> http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/).
> Thanks,
> -Ross.

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