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Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Dec 5 08:20:51 UTC 2013

Hi All (cross-posting from data protocols

Most activity on Data Protocols proposals takes place in the issue tracker
so I thought it would be worth sharing some updates here.



*## Primary Key Support in JSON Table Schema and Simple Data Format*

We're closing in on final agreement on a spec for adding "primary keys" to
JSON Table Schema. Consensus is now away from a simple inline "primarykey:
true" attribute on fields and towards having primary keys along with
"foreign keys" in a separate constraints or keys section. Discussion is in
this issue:


*## "Foreign Keys" in JSON Table Schema*

Like with primary keys we're look to be closing out foreign keys. Basic
"reference" structure will look like:

  "name": "resource-a",
        "name": "X"
      }, ...
    constraints: {
      "foreign_keys": [
          "name": # optional name for this foreign key
          "fields": string or array of fields on local resource
          "reference": {
            foreign-key reference as above

More discussion in https://github.com/dataprotocols/dataprotocols/issues/23

*## JSON Data Views Spec Discussion*

Early stage proposal for a JSON spec for describing views of data like
graphs or maps. Probably focus this just on graphs to start with.
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