[od-discuss] v2.0dev Review Requested

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri May 9 12:14:22 UTC 2014

I think this now looking *really good* :-)

Some final thoughts (I think we are very close to having our 2.0 here!)

A. I'm wondering if we swap section 2 and section 1 so that Open Works come
first and then refers to Open License stuff which is section 2

B. Section 2.1.1

I think we need to make clearer that you actually need to apply an open
license. Suggested tweak:

The *work* *must* be available under an open *license *(as defined in
section 1). Any additional terms accompanying the work (such as a terms of
use) *must not* contradict the terms of the license.

C. Machine readable and bulk

We seem to have lost stuff around machine-readable and bulk. I wonder if we
can tweak 2.1.3 (rename complements 2.1.1 which is about legal openness)

2.1.3 Technically Open

The *work* *must* be provided in a convenient and modifiable form such that
there are no unnecessary technological obstacles to the performance of the
licensed rights. Specifically, data should be machine-readable, available
in bulk and provided in formats that are open or, at the very least, can be
processed with at least one free/open source software tool.

Comment: an open data format is one whose specification is publicly and
freely available and which places no restrictions monetary or otherwise
upon its use.

Aside: could also provide a definition of machine readable if needed e.g.
this is what we have on http://okfn.org/opendata/ i.e.

Data can be provided in many ways and this can have significant impact on
the ability to easily use it. The Definition thus requires that data be
machine-readable and available in “bulk”.

Data is machine-readable if it can be easily processed by a computer. This
does not just mean digital, but that it is in a digital structure that is
appropriate for the relevant processing. For example, consider a PDF
document containing tables of data. These are digital, but computers will
struggle to extract the information from the PDF (even though it is very
human readable!). The equivalent tables in a format such as a spreadsheet
would be machine readable. Read more about [machine-readability in the open
data glossary].

Data is available in bulk if you download or access the whole dataset
easily. Conversely it is non-bulk if you are you limited to just getting
parts of the dataset, for example, are you restricted to a few elements of
the data at a time – imagine for example trying to a database of all the
towns in the world one element at a time.

On 7 May 2014 23:05, Herb Lainchbury <herb at dynamic-solutions.com> wrote:

> I have further refined the v2.0 dev file and think it's getting close to
> final form.
> As discussed I've removed all comments and examples and attempted to make
> things clear without losing anything.  I think you should be able to look
> at v1.1 and find every clause covered in v2.0dev, though in some cases in
> the new "must" form rather than the v1.1 "must not" form.
> You'll find it here:
> https://github.com/okfn/opendefinition/blob/master/source/open-definition-dev.markdown
> I request that members of the AC review this draft and confirm that it is
> at least as rigorous as v1.1 and if not, make suggestions.  We don't want
> to unintentionally lose anything in the revision.
> Once we're satisfied that we haven't lost anything I would suggest we test
> it against existing conformant licenses and make sure we're consistent with
> v1.1 in that previously approved licenses would still be approved under the
> new version (or if not, be able to explain why not).
> Thank you,
> Herb
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