[od-discuss] Discussing Principles for Open Library Catalog Data

Adrian Pohl ad.pohl at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 25 10:00:26 BST 2010


yesterday I posted to the Open Bibliographic Data WG's mailing list
draft principles for Open Catalog Data.[1] The text is largely the
same as the text of the Panton Principles rewritten for library
catalog data. I posted it on an Etherpad [2]. I just want you to take
note of the discussions on the Etherpad as I believe some authors of
the Panton Principles are on this list. You certainly discussed the
text a lot and can probably give valuable contribution to some
discussions. It would especially be nice if someone with a legal
background could have a look at it, Jordan. ;-)


[1] http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-August/000378.html

[2] http://okfnpad.org/openbibliography-principles

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