[kforge-user] Administration interface features

Capelle Maxime Maxime.Capelle at atosorigin.com
Fri Sep 21 14:51:43 BST 2007

> In the /admin/model/ area, just set those people's role attribute to 
> "Developer". Then they will have read/write access to all projects. 
> Please check this and let us know what happens? We don't really do
> ourselves at the moment. But it should just work.

> And on the other groups of people who participate to one or two
> and so I would like they can access and just see their own projects.
> Is that possible?

> We don't have a users group, or project groups. But it would be nice.

Giving access to some people to all the projects is not a problem.
The problem I have is to give access to some people to some projects but
to restrict their access to all the rest of the projects.

Indeed a kind of users' group restriction management would be nice.

So do confirm that what I wish can not be done easily with the kforge
administration interface?



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