[kforge-user] Installation issue

Capelle Maxime Maxime.Capelle at atosorigin.com
Thu Sep 20 10:32:33 BST 2007

>As you put localhost in both files, I'm not sure it will work. Why do 
>not you just try to type http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and see what happens ? 
> From what I see I think you will have a conflit with the default 
>configuration file of apache as both will handle

When I try http://xx.XX.XX.XX I just get the apache basic page.

In fact I am working by my side with vmware command line server and I
want to use my Windows workstation to access the kforge website.

Maybe is it possible to add a DNS link to this vmware server in my
For example kforge.toto.com -> XX.XX.XX.XX (my vmware server IP address)

This way I can configure domain.tld file with the value kforge.toto.com

Do you think it will work?
I just need to add a hard DNS entry in my windows system.


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