[kforge-user] Installation issue

Capelle Maxime Maxime.Capelle at atosorigin.com
Thu Sep 20 10:20:19 BST 2007

Sorry Nicolas but I am completly lost.

In the directory /etc/apache2/sites-available/ I have got 3 files:

Only the Domain.tld has been modified by my self. Here it is:
#Virtual Host for domain on which Kforge will run
<VirtualHost *:80>
	ServerName localhost

Then I have my /home/pouf/kforge.conf:
# Name of service using the KForge system.
service_name = KForge

# Path where plugin specific data will be stored
plugin_data_dir = /var/lib/kforge/plugin_data

# Path where project data will be stored
project_data_dir = /var/lib/kforge/project_data

# Domain for the KForge service.
domain_name = localhost

With these files I don't understand how I can access to the Kforge
portal via a web address like XX.XX.XX.XX/kforge

Thank you for your help.


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