[kforge-user] [enhancement 0.13] "Usage" view for project/service

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Sep 12 12:50:53 BST 2007

Nicolas Steinmetz wrote:
> Hello,
> Would it be possible when we look at project to avoid going through the 
> page /project/<project_name> or 
> /project/<project_name>/service/<service_name> if we just want to access 
> the project or use one of its services ? I mean their would be an 
> "admin" view for project and service and a "usage" view for projet and 
> services. Only admin of project will then use /project/*

I think what you want is already the case as detailed in the section of 
the Guide entitled "Project Services". Specifically the section 
"Accessing Project Services" states:

Project services are available at: http://{domain-name}/{project-name}/

A specific service are located at the url: /{project-name}/{service-name}/

So for example a svn (subversion) service called ‘repo’ in project 
‘annakarenina’ would be located at:

     * http://{domain-name}/annakarenina/repo/

Access control to project services follows the setup already described 
in the Roles and Permissions section

If you also want to create a base page for your project which has links 
to the various projects you can hand create one by creating a 'www' and 
'dav' service for your project and then using dav to upload an 
index.html file (by enabling the 'www' service you create a directory 
which is load at the /{project-name}/ url).


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