[kforge-user] Authentication not working

Gunnar Johansson info at gunnar-johansson.se
Tue Sep 11 10:31:08 BST 2007

10 sep 2007 kl. 20.02 skrev Rufus Pollock:

> John Bywater wrote:
>> To disable the plugin, simply delete the plugin domain model object:
>>  >>> del(application.registry.plugins['myplugin'])
>> OR
>>  >>> p = application.registry.plugins['myplugin']
>>  >>> p.delete()
> Note that you should be able to do all of this from the admin  
> interface at:
> http://{your.kforge.site}/admin/model/

Ahh, there it is - I was only aware of http://{kforge}/admin/

>>> I seem to have problems with the www plugin, it doesn't create  
>>> any www directory in the project dir? If I add one manually I get  
>>> a permission denied trying to access the path..  Hmm, may be  
>>> something weird with my apache setup..   It's no rush though..
>> Let's see what Rufus has to say about the www plugin? I didn't  
>> write it, and haven't really used it (so far).
> Just to be specific you need to:
> 1. Install/enable the www plugin
> 2. Create a 'www' service for the project for which you want to  
> have the 'www' facility. Note that once enabled this will mount the  
> 'www' directory at your project root i.e. at
>   {your.kforge.domain}/{project-name}
> not
>   {your.kforge.domain}/{project-hame}/www

Ok, during my second try it worked fine and the www directory was  
created, although I get a "Forbidden - permission denied" when trying  
to enter {your.kforge.domain}/{project-name}

Can this be connected to the problem I'm having when trying to access  
a service without being logged in through the kforge interface first?  
To repeat, if I try to access a trac service without logging in  
through kforge first I get a "Forbidden" message while I would expect  
to get a user/password prompt.  Is there some overlying apache config  
I'm not aware of?


> ~rufus

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