[kforge-user] Authentication not working

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Mon Sep 10 13:15:00 BST 2007

Gunnar Johansson wrote:
>> In general, for a plugin called 'myplugin' you will have a Python 
>> package 'kforge.plugin.myplugin', and you can enable it by 
>> registering it with the KForge domain model:
>> $ python
>> >>> from kforge.soleInstance import application
>> >>> application.registry.plugins.create('myplugin')
>> But you need to make sure the config is complete. (Currently, the 
>> information is recorded in the plugin doc string. But it isn't very 
>> nice to require users to read source files, so I'm sure it will 
>> change but there isn't an obvious place at the moment.) Does this 
>> work for you?
> This works great - what's the corresponding command for delete 
> service?  (tried remove, delete..)

To disable the plugin, simply delete the plugin domain model object:

 >>> del(application.registry.plugins['myplugin'])

 >>> p = application.registry.plugins['myplugin']
 >>> p.delete()

> I seem to have problems with the www plugin, it doesn't create any www 
> directory in the project dir? If I add one manually I get a permission 
> denied trying to access the path..  Hmm, may be something weird with 
> my apache setup..   It's no rush though..

Let's see what Rufus has to say about the www plugin? I didn't write it, 
and haven't really used it (so far).

Best wishes,


> Regards,
> Gunnar

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