[kforge-user] Authentication not working

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Mon Sep 10 12:16:39 BST 2007

Gunnar Johansson wrote:
> I still had to hatch the kforge egg to get authentication working.

That's because of mod_python's imp usage:


> Also, I need to log in through the kforge interface - if I try to 
> access a (trac) service directly I get a "Forbidden" message without 
> any password dialog. I'm still happy it works by entering through 
> kforge first though..!  Accessing svn through the terminal works fine 
> - is the problem maybe trac specific?


> What's the status on the www and dav services?  They are not enabled 
> by default, and I don't really know how to enable them through the 
> kforge-admin shell (since the admin web interface is currently down). 
> What are the commands to enable them?

I don't think this is explicitly written into [1] the KForge Guide's 
(there is a section on plugins).

In general, for a plugin called 'myplugin' you will have a Python 
package 'kforge.plugin.myplugin', and you can enable it by registering 
it with the KForge domain model:

$ python
 >>> from kforge.soleInstance import application
 >>> application.registry.plugins.create('myplugin')

But you need to make sure the config is complete. (Currently, the 
information is recorded in the plugin doc string. But it isn't very nice 
to require users to read source files, so I'm sure it will change but 
there isn't an obvious place at the moment.) Does this work for you?

Best regards,


[1] http://www.kforgeproject.com/doc/guide

> Regards,  Gunnar J

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