[kforge-user] Newbie question on project vs admin interface

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Sep 6 21:21:38 BST 2007

Sorry, I'm catching up.....

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> Within this domain you have the following url structure[^1]:
> /admin/
> Access to the full underlying domain model of the KForge system for 
> the system administrator allowing them to enable/disable plugins, 
> create/delete users, set passwords etc etc.

Does this actually work at the mo? :-) I know all the code is fine, as 
it is being used on other projects. But I have a feeling that something 
isn't hooked up in KForge at the mo. For example:


gives a 404 Not Found. However:


lists all the grants. The code is clearly there, so there's something up 
somewhere. Can you replicate this behaviour? Or does all the model stuff 
work for you?

Anyway, I just noticed the location /accessDenied/ isn't listed in the 
generated Apache config:


whereas it we need it to be. However /model/ is. So there's something 
else going wrong. What do you think?

Points to the need for more blackbox/acceptance/customer tests to verify 
the HTTP interface. But we know that already.

Best wishes,


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