[kforge-user] [0.13 bug] Mailman service creation

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Sep 6 19:35:24 BST 2007

Rufus Pollock wrote:

> ... you can enable/disable plugins through the admin interface (as 
> well as via the shell as mentioned in the Guide).

Where can plugins be enabled and disabled in the web interface? :-)

(There is a set of "admin" view classes that present the entire domain 
model to be manipulated with a web interface, but I have a feeling they 
aren't hooked up for some reason. This domain model 
create/read/update/delete/list views are--or at least they were--a 
subset of what we've has been referred to as the KForge admin interface. 
But I don't remember any specific KForge view classes to enable/diable 
plugins. Did I forget something?)

> However as noted above for the plugin to work you also need to follow 
> the plugin-specific installation instructions which are contained in 
> the plugins docstring. This is not well documented at the present and 
> we need to make those instructions easier to find (the reason for 
> having them in the docstring is that we want to allow people other 
> than us to create and distribute plugins and this seemed the easiest 
> way to allow for the information to be shipped with the plugin in a 
> self-contained way).

Yes, and we also need to put some more design down for what is and isn't 
supposed to work "out of the box", and then make sure all the 
documentation, config, etc. is working for that. There's a practical 
limit here that we've discussed several times, that some plugins depend 
on things which can't be setup or tested very easily. So we should start 
slim, perhaps just trac+svn, then when that's perfect, make wordpress or 
moinmoin perfect, etc. For the plugins that aren't to work "out of the 
box", to establish clear steps to install each plugin that isn't 
supposed to work out of the box (the issues you address in the above 

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