[kforge-user] Newbie question on project vs admin interface

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Sep 6 18:08:19 BST 2007

Nicolas Steinmetz wrote:
> John Bywater a écrit :
>> Then the url scheme is quite compact. A project will have its 'admin' 
>> page here:
> So maybe I'm wrong here with the "admin" concept. I thought it was a 
> global admin interface in which we can set up kforge instance at a 
> global level and not at project/service level. Does such an admin 
> interface exist ?

I've delayed in replying since I think John had really cleared things up 
here. To reiterate:

A KForge instance now runs off a single domain and there are no longer 
distinct project and admin 'views' at different subdomains. Given that 
the guide still talked about these two different subdomains I can 
understand this this may have been confusing (this issue in the Guide 
has now been rectified).

Within this domain you have the following url structure[^1]:


Access to the full underlying domain model of the KForge system for the 
system administrator allowing them to enable/disable plugins, 
create/delete users, set passwords etc etc.


Administration of a particular project by the project administrator, for 
example creating and deleting members, creating and deleting services etc.


Access to the applications associated with a project service. So for 
example if one has a 'svn' service named 'mysvn' associated to a project 
called 'myproject' then the actual service instance would be at:


while the actual subversion repository associated to this service would 
be at:


Hope that helps.



[^1]: This is defined by the url.py class:


Specifically _configure_mapper. As code remains more up to date than 
docs this should be considered the ultimate authority regarding url 


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