[kforge-user] [0.13 bug] Mailman service creation

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Sep 6 16:06:45 BST 2007

John Bywater wrote:
> Nicolas Steinmetz wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have the following bug (maybe because mailman is not installed).

If mailman isn't installed then you definitely won't be able to create 
any mailman services but that is not the cause of the error here. More 
on this below.

>> Use case :
>> 1/ In an existing project, go to service page
>> 2/ create service with a name and select mailman
>> 3/ Ugly error regarding the file mailman.mailman_url :


>>   KeyError at /project/ptitclic/services/create/
>>   'mailman.mailman_url'|

This is because the mailman config has not been set up (which should 
have happened when you first installed/enabled the mailman plugin).

To step back, note that the KForge Guide [1] currently states in the 
section on installed plugins:

   * ...
   * Unpack the plugin package and follow the install instructions
   * ...

[1]: http://www.kforgeproject.com/doc/guide

But where the reader might ask, are these instructions? Well currently 
installation instructions for each plugin are supposed to be found in 
the docstring of each plugins (though some such as svn and trac are 
currently lacking in this department). Thus for mailman if you look at:


(or your equivalent local file) you'll see a whole section under a 
heading of Installation in the docstring. This includes instructions on 
what needs to be added to your config file for the plugin to work.

> This will be looked into under:
> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/ticket/47
>> That's also why I thought there were a global admin interface : to 
>> define which services are enabled/disabled and maybe set some rights 
>> or default rights for a new visitor, member, etc.

I assume you mean what plugins are enabled/disabled here. And yes, you 
can enable/disable plugins through the admin interface (as well as via 
the shell as mentioned in the Guide). However as noted above for the 
plugin to work you also need to follow the plugin-specific installation 
instructions which are contained in the plugins docstring. This is not 
well documented at the present and we need to make those instructions 
easier to find (the reason for having them in the docstring is that we 
want to allow people other than us to create and distribute plugins and 
this seemed the easiest way to allow for the information to be shipped 
with the plugin in a self-contained way).



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