[kforge-user] Authentication not working

Gunnar Johansson info at gunnar-johansson.se
Thu Sep 6 15:57:59 BST 2007

Hi all,

Sorry, I was too quick in my earlier post..
So, initially I had trouble authenticating when trying to access  
project services. Then I "hatched" the python egg for kforge which  
solved that problem. But now authentication only works if I log in  
through the kforge web interface - that is, not when I access a  
service directly..  For example, accessing a svn rep. through the  
terminal (svn co ...) doesn't work for me.  The apache error log just  
says "user gunjo not found".

Anyone else had this problem?

I'm setting up a dedicated machine acting as a project server, so I'm  
willing to try any linux distro as long as it works fine with  
kforge.. Which system have you been developing and testing on?  I  
currently used Ubuntu 6.06.

Thanks for a great piece of software anyway..!
Regards  / Gunnar Johansson

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