[kforge-user] Newbie question on project vs admin interface

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Tue Sep 4 10:23:57 BST 2007

Nicolas Steinmetz wrote:
> John Bywater a écrit :
>> Then the url scheme is quite compact. A project will have its 'admin' 
>> page here:
> So maybe I'm wrong here with the "admin" concept. I thought it was a 
> global admin interface in which we can set up kforge instance at a 
> global level and not at project/service level. Does such an admin 
> interface exist ?

No, I think not. I'm writing a system called Provide, to support the 
activity of deploying applications and migrating data. But it doesn't 
give fine grained control over application service instances.

For KForge, the most general interface is to manipulate the KForge 
domain model from the Python shell. Run the "shell" command of 
kforge-admin. The web interface repeats this as a graphical user 
interface with validation checks etc, but from the command line you can 
do things like:

run the kforge application:
 >>> from kforge.soleInstance import application

get a reference to the domain model registry:
 >>> r = application.registry

list names of project:
 >>> print r.projects.keys()

register a new project:
 >>> myproject = r.projects.create('myproject')

register a new person:
 >>> myperson = r.persons.create('myperson')

make person a member of a project:
 >>> member = myproject.members.create(myperson)

change the member's role:
 >>> print member.role
 >>> member.role = r.roles['Developer']
 >>> member.save()
 >>> print member.role

remove member from project:
 >>> del(myproject.members[myperson])

remove person:
 >>> del(r.persons['myperson'])

remove project:
 >>> del(r.projects['myperson'])

change the admin password:
 >>> admin = r.persons['admin']
 >>> admin.setPassword('mygreatpassword')
 >>> admin.save()
 >>> myproject.members.create(admin)

>> Let's wait for Rufus to reply? I just telephoned him, but his phone 
>> was off.
>> Hopefully we can clean this aspect up more, document things more 
>> clearly, for the next release.
> Of course it can wait for Rufus reply. You could even avoid calling 
> him. I'm not hurry about kforge. I gave me one/two weeks to set it up 
> in production on my free time. So no stress at all (even if it takes 
> me more than two weeks :-P )

Sure. Thanks for your excellent input! Bye for now,


> Nicolas

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