[kforge-user] Newbie question on project vs admin interface

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Tue Sep 4 09:35:54 BST 2007

Nicolas Steinmetz wrote:
> Whhy not but (as there is a but), there is no information on install 
> notes or on the site on how to define those "subdomains". As I planned 
> to use kforge on a subdomains, if I have to set up sub-subdomains, it 
> would be the mess :-/
I agree with you. All those sub-domains are a bit confusing. But I think 
I'm adding to the confusion: I believe the URL stuff has changed so that 
everything is always served from a single FQDN. So KForge doesn't have 
this sub-domain thing at all anymore.....

The new regime is to set a domain name (called domain_name in the 
DEFAULT section), and optionally a path prefix (called uri_prefix in the 
www section). Then KForge is served from:


Then the url scheme is quite compact. A project will have its 'admin' 
page here:


And if it has trac and svn services, they will be here:


> No way to deal with subdomain.domain.com/admin ?

I'm not sure how configurable things are. But I think you don't really 
need the 'admin' path prefix. KForge doesn't allow you to create 
projects with names that collide with the admin urls (e.g. you can't 
create a project called 'project').

(Anyway, the concept of admin and project/service "views" isn't 
particularly good, and I think now isn't being carried forward in KForge.)

Let's wait for Rufus to reply? I just telephoned him, but his phone was off.

Hopefully we can clean this aspect up more, document things more 
clearly, for the next release.

Best wishes,



> Nicolas

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