[kforge-user] Newbie question on project vs admin interface

Nicolas Steinmetz nsteinmetz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 08:38:55 BST 2007


John Bywater a écrit :
> Actually, I think this is the answer to your question:
> The project view is always "project.domainname".
> The admin view is always "admin.domainname".
> The configuration choice of project or admin determines what appears at 
> "www.domainname" and "domainname".
> Where "domainname" is value in your config file.

Whhy not but (as there is a but), there is no information on install 
notes or on the site on how to define those "subdomains". As I planned 
to use kforge on a subdomains, if I have to set up sub-subdomains, it 
would be the mess :-/

No way to deal with subdomain.domain.com/admin ?


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