[ckan-dev] wiki.ckan.org tidying up

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Wed Feb 15 17:45:41 GMT 2012

On 15 February 2012 15:38, Sean Hammond <sean.hammond at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hey, I just moved wiki.ckan.org's link to the OKF Coding Standards to the
> front page, as it seemed like an important thing to have there.

Sounds good - essential reading for new devs.

> I noticed that the wiki front page is quite crowded, and contains a lot of
> stuff that looks like it duplicates info from elsewhere and is incomplete or
> out of date. Maybe it's due for a big clean out? e.g.:
> The FAQ duplicates a lot of info that is (or should be) on the main ckan.org
> site, e.g. What is CKAN? What is it for? What features does it have? etc.
> Probably at least half of the FAQ could be deleted. Or the whole thing,
> since there's another CKAN FAQ on the main ckan.org site anyway.

Ira has been working on this recently, integrating both into a new and
updated FAQ, to replace both here. The draft of the new page is here:
http://ckan.okfnpad.org/datahub-faq so please do dive in and add new
questions and answers.

> The User Guide section looks like it just duplicates stuff that is or should
> be on docs.ckan.org? Maybe the whole section could be deleted, after
> checking that it's all in the docs.

Here's the plan of the organisation of docs:
end users -> wiki.ckan.org
CKAN administrators -> docs.ckan.org
coders -> a mix of docs.ckan.org, wiki.ckan.org, depending on which
tool is best (wiki better for info that frequently changes or is

Rufus has a new initiative http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/1600 to move
and improve the user docs into a new sphinx site help.ckan.org.

> Same for the wiki pages about the API.

API docs should probably live together, but there are two very
different halves to it. The spec is good to have locked down (end
users should not edit it) and we want to provide multiple versions, in
step with our code releases, so docs.ckan.org is perfect. But the
examples of use fit really well on the wiki, since people add new ones
all the time.

> wiki.ckan.org/People seems to duplicate info from okfn.org/about/team, and
> is out of date. Delete? Or do we need a separate list of CKAN people because
> they may not all be OKFN people? There's also another People page on
> wiki.okfn.org.

It's a duplicate, but I think more likely to get updated in our wiki.
What do other people think on this one?


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