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Sexta Setembro 26 14:50:25 UTC 2014

As conclusões deste artigo expressam a problemática muito bem. Faz a
oposição entre um futuro determinado pelas Editoras ou pelos pesquisadores:

"A worst case scenario for South African researchers would
be a lose-lose situation in terms of both access and participation. It
would be debilitating for local researchers for access to northern
research to become straightforward, but opportunities for participation
by southern researchers to be reduced. Access to southern research
is likely to be even further reduced as local researchers’ publishing
options might be restricted by financial gatekeeping at the outset. While
sweeping changes in the global north will see more northern research
freely available to all online, the danger for locals is twofold: firstly,
that they may be limited in their opportunities to publish (especially by
expensive APCs) and, secondly, that their own research drowns in the
worsening invisibility of the online discoverability sphere.

The transition does not have clear sign posts; indeed, many believe that
the present moment is a turning point for open access with a tug of war
between a publisher-driven future and a researcher-driven future.


While the SciELO SA initiative is laudatory,
it must be only the first step in developing and supporting new business
models for scholarly publishing in the public interest. In the same vein,
regulations and allocations for research dissemination (including APCs)
also need urgent state attention


Não podemos deixar o futuro nas mãos das Editoras!

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