[annotator-dev] getting TypeError: c is undefined

Gautam Bishwas foryougautam at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 12:46:00 UTC 2013

Some time getting TypeError: c is undefined when selecting text for
annotation as I understand this is a bug in annotator.min.js.My web page
has a lot of div and span this is sample of one div

"<div style="font-size:1.3em; line-height:normal; position: absolute;
font-family:sans-serif; color:transparent; height: 1.2em;"><span
style="width: 0.73em; ">H</span><span style="width: 0.562em;
">e</span><span style="width: 0.286em; ">l</span><span style="width:
0.282em; ">l</span><span style="width: 0.625em; ">o</span></div>"

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