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Gong Huaiyu James (NCS) jamesh at ncs.com.sg
Thu Apr 18 16:27:32 UTC 2013

Hi, Team:
             The annotator  is very easy to use.      We can enhance it together.  I would like to join the team.   And  we  need to enhance   annotator.min.js    How to get a uncompressed Javascript copy?
The current version is not readble version .
               My questions and suggestions are  as following:
1)      How to change the highlighted text color?

2)       The currently  highlighted text   HTML are as following:
<span class="annotator-hl" style="background-color: rgb(46, 254, 46);">
       Highlighted text 1....
<span class="annotator-hl"    style="background-color: rgb(46, 46, 254);">
       Highlighted text 2 ....

             Can we add the  annotations  ID into the <span> node  as following:
<span class="annotator-hl"  id= annotation[id]   style="background-color:"+ annotation[color]>
       Highlighted text 1
<span class="annotator-hl"  id= id= annotation[id]    style="background-color:"+ annotation[color]>
     Highlighted text 2 ....

3)       How to print the annotations with the master document in HTML?

      I suggest append the annotations after the master documents

  Print  Master  doc HTML

All the annotations
[1] annotations1
[2] annotations2
[3] annotations3

And append the [1] , [2], [3]    after the selected/highlighted  range text in the master doc,  So the user can know which annotation is belong to which highlighted text.

Warmest Regards

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