[annotator-dev] Open Knowledge Fest

ANDREW MAGLIOZZI andrew at finalsclub.org
Tue Sep 18 16:00:05 UTC 2012

Hi Annotators and Digital Humanitarians,

Like most of the people on these lists, I can't be at the OKFest * in Helsinki that started yesterday.  Hopefully it's going well so far and folks are digging in and hacking on Annotator and Textus.  

This email is a call to all those in attendance to keep the rest of us in the loop if you can.  

If anyone is hacking on Annotator, Randall (tilgovi at hypothes.is) is your man.  
If folks are working on OpenShakespeare, please let me know.  I have contributed several thousand annotations and I'd love to help share them with the world.  
If folks are interested in brining image annotation to Annotator, then I'd suggest contacting Rainer Simon of Yuma-JS (Rainer.Simon at ait.ac.at).  
If you're interested in the digital humanities at MIT, then Jamie M Folsom (jfolsom at MIT.EDU) is an amazing contact too

In short, if you're in Helsinki doing great stuff, lots of us would like to help (and all of us would like to be informed).  So, whenever possible, open the conversation up on this list.  Thanks for helping to open knowledge.

Best of luck and happy hacking.


* OKFest website: http://okfestival.org/
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