[annotator-dev] Annotator and yuma-js media annotation toolkit?

Simon Rainer Rainer.Simon at ait.ac.at
Tue Jan 17 13:34:44 UTC 2012


I recently stumbled across the Annotator project - and it seems there are quite a few commonalities (and complementing aspects!) with a project I've been working on. The project was about annotation of media (images, zoomable images & maps, audio, video) embedded in Web pages.

Originally this work was funded under the EuropeanaConnect project, an EU research project related to the Europeana culturual heritage portal (http://europeana.eu). However, we're now transitioning into a community effort:


We're still at an early stage. But I wonder if there's some opportunity to cooperate, or at least a way to align our efforts somehow? (make the tools interoperable, align data models, mechanisms for server-side storage etc.) 

Let me know what you think!


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