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Aron Carroll aron.carroll.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 09:45:11 UTC 2011

Hey everyone,

I'm spending the next couple of weeks working on the Annotator. Generally
fixing bugs and looking into some of the outstanding feature requests so
I'll be posting to this mailing list reasonably frequently looking for

The first thing we've done this week is to move the main Annotator homepage
and demos back over to GitHub pages. Previously this was all contained on
the AnnotateIt website which we felt was a little confusing.

The site copy still needs some work but it's currently live at
http://okfn.github.com/annotator/. We have a live demo of the both the
annotator and the bookmarklet. We would also like to add a "nightly build"
style demo that runs the very latest annotator code from the repo.

Currently due to issues serving the CSS from GitHub these demos have to be
manually updated. I'm wondering if it's worth creating a small web app to
serve these files to keep maintenance down. For example create two
endpoints, latest and stable. Both would serve the compiled JS and CSS but
latest would pull from the HEAD and stable would serve the most recently
tagged version.

The other tickets that I'll be working on can be found on the GitHub issues
page under the "Sprint-2011-07-08" milestone.


I'll be looking for more feedback as I work through the tickets but please
feel free to leave comments either on the issues or on this mailing list.

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