[annotator-dev] Developer download link not working

Aron Carroll aron at aroncarroll.com
Fri Jun 10 12:14:31 UTC 2011

> One thing discussed is providing a one liner to enable annotator with *all* plugins with e.g.
> default permissions to make it easier to get full functionality.
> @Aron/Andrea: any comment on this last point (@Aron: i remember
> discussing this with you, did you do anything ...?)

This is ticketed but not yet implemented.

> > BTW the annotator.1.0.0rc3.zip throws an AccessDenied message when I
> > try to download it the annotator-full.1.0.0rc3.zip works OK though.
> @Aron: you generated these. Do you know what is going on here?

Looks like something went awry with GitHub's file hosting. I've now
re-uploaded the file and it seems to be working now.


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