[annotator-dev] Annotator plugin for Wordpress, a first progress report

Andrea Fiore andrea.giulio.fiore at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 2 11:22:52 UTC 2011

On 02/06/11 11:35, Mark MacGillivray wrote:
> It would be great to work out a nicer way of seeing a "narrative" to
> the comments whilst also maintaining the great simplicity of the
> annotator display. I have found that when I try to complicate this, it
> starts looking messy. Further thought required!
Yep, I will look for other existing designs and try to share some 
inspiring links to discuss here with the list.

> Regarding the problem of things disappearing under the masthead, yes
> this does happen and I did not find a way to get round it via CSS
> (e.g. by changing display properties, z-index, that sort of thing).
I am confident that it is possible to override the Masthead z-index 
property so that it will display  underneath and not above the Annotator 
box. I am not a CSS expert myself, but I have added a ticket for this in 
the project issues.

> I
> was considering instead of appending comments into the object they are
> about, instead just finding the position on the page that they relate
> to and putting them at the same position but appended to the body.
Not sure that this would avoid positioning glitches though.
I do not know this part of the Annotator either, but my impression is 
that the current implementation is quite solid. Perhaps another solution 
to make more robust would be to use javascript to iterate over all the 
defined CSS z-index rules, and decrement those that are higher than the  
Annotator widget's z-index.

Again, not sure, perhaps it is the case of consulting a CSS guru...

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